So, here we are..!

Well, here I am getting started on a journey that I’d never dreamed I’d undertake! –the beginning of a formal endeavour to make my many random jottings and musings public!

Being a contemplative sort, I tend to from time to time stumble upon (what seems to me), a treasure and when I do I’m gripped by a pressing need to wave the newly discovered ‘gem’ high up in the air for everyone to see!  For the moment at least, this blog serves no grander purpose than that!

And yet my secret hope is that this will not merely be a “see what I see” exercise -for these contemplations center on the One who alone is worthy of eternal contemplation and my desire is that these meditations will fill our hearts with greater affection for Him and give us some ‘juice’ to face the day!

So, do look to this space from time to time, if you feel so inclined : )

” I am the light of the world, and those who embrace me will experience life-giving light, and they will never walk in darkness”     -Jesus ( The Bible, John 8:12)




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